My Interests

I have many interests, but I will tell you my top 8.

  • Basketball
  • I have played basketball since I was in preschool. I really love it, and I play on a team.

  • Climbing
  • I just recently took up climbing, but I absolutely, completely ENJOY it.

  • Hanging with my friends
  • I greatly enjoy hanging with my friends. They are perhaps the only thing that keeps me sane.

  • Running
  • I love cross-country. I am on the school team.

  • Cooking and Eating New Foods
  • I took up cooking last year, and ever since, I enjoy whipping up new and exotic meals. Some of these meals include Chocolate Chirp Cookies, chocolate chip cookies with crickets in them; or my extra-spicy vegan tofu bowl.

  • Coding
  • Coding is rational and makes sense, unlike most of the world.

  • Reading
  • At a young age I learned to read, and it still is one of my passions.

  • Charity Work
  • I have volunteered for a charity called CUPS since I was five, and last year for my work, I was honoured with the Western Legacy Award. I have met many interesting people, such as the mayor.

    Some Pictures of Me

    This is a picture of me climbing at a comp! Comp Snaps

    This is another! Comps Swag

    This is a picture of my dog! Isn't she the cutest?Alice the Puppy

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